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About Us

Lingvo Service Translation Agency strives to provide reliable document translation services of the highest caliber and at a competitive price to individuals and companies in Uzbekistan and worldwide.

We specialize in high-quality document translation for texts of any domain.

Our translation agency has particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Legal translation (Contacts, Agreements, Statements, Reports, Articles of Association, Memorandums, Certificates and etc.)
  • Geological translation (geological reports, researches, oil&gas field, geophysics, etc.)
  • Technical translation (Manuals, Technical Specifications, Operational Instructions, Machines Description, etc.)
  • Medical translation (Drugs Description, Medical tests, analysis, examinations, etc)

This is the only small part of our translation fields list. They are over a hundred.

We can help you translate all your texts

You can send us all kinds of texts. We are a full service agency which means we that we can translate anything from technical and medical documentation, manuals and handbooks to marketing material, contracts, websites and software.

You can send us any file format and we can deliver the translated text in the original file, with no changes to the layout, if that’s what you require.

Document translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your requirements.

We offer our translation services at competitive rates. The prices of our translation services include proofreading by an industry expert (often native speaker).

We cooperate with many famous and successful enterprises of Uzbekistan and CIS countries.

Nowadays our Company becomes famous worldwide.